There is never a dull moment in football. For those who are not fans of the sport, there is drama. Within the last week only, a player from PSG has threatened to leave his team unless his estranged wife came back to him.

The series of events in question come from the very messy saga of the Paris Saint-Germain striker Mauro Icardi and his model turned football presenter and agent wife, Wanda Nara.

The story dates back to 2013, the two were actually a part of a love triangle, which has been public since 2013, when Nara filed for a divorce from her 5-year-long marriage with Maxi López, with whom she shared three children. López was also, then Icardi’s teammate and friend.

By 2014, Icardi and Nara were married. They share two baby girls together.

In the past Nara has denied the claims that she cheated on Lopez to start her relationship with the former Inter captain, saying, “I left Maxi Lopez and went back to Argentina,” she said.

“That is when I started a thing with Mauro. I had three children and it was not easy returning to Argentina and starting over.

“Having found someone like Mauro, who is young, was very important to me. It was not only a choice for me, I chose him because he already loved my kids.”

That was then. Now, a few days ago, Nara posted a picture of herself, choosing to caption it “Another family that you have ruined for a slut.” She has also mentioned “a b*tch who sends photos to a married man,” on her Twitter.

This statement may also be confirming that the two were an item before her split with her former husband.

Icardi has been accused of having an affair with Argentine model and actor China Suarez.

She also removed any trace of him from her social media. A close friend of her, who she apparently confided in, expressing a firm decision to leave the PSG player, disclosed the information to her followers on social media to gain 40K followers.

Nara also unfollowed and followed her husband back a few times.

The former Inter Milan captain and striker tried to quash speculation surrounding his relationship status with Wanda on social media. The PSG star wished Wanda a happy Mother’s Day, which was being celebrated in Argentina on Sunday, and in his stories, he was cuddling up with her.

However, netizens were not convinced that the photos were recent.

Around that time, Nara took to her stories to post a picture of her hand, sans wedding ring.

Icardi missed PSG training on Sunday due to “family” reasons amid rumours of a split with his wife. Some reports suggested, by then, that she had already requested a divorce.

It soon emerged that he’d flown to Italy for showdown talks with his wife after the allegation of infidelity. And according to a news outlet, the former Inter striker threatened he would walk away from PSG if his wife did not return to him. The move was more than just a dramatic gesture. Nara also acts as Icardi’s agent and was responsible for negotiating his €12million (£10m) contract with PSG. The player walking away could have sparked a chain of financial penalties, that would fall to Nara, with her name on the contracts.

Now, however, there seems to be no trouble in paradise. “I love you. How much it hurts to hurt your loved ones. You only heal when you have forgiveness from those you’ve hurt,” read part one of the posts Mauro Icardi made on Wednesday.


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“Hold me tight, and never let go of me, Wanda,” he wrote in another.


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