We all remember the beyblade phase of our lives, don’t we? If you don’t, then you’re either too young or you didn’t invest enough time in Cartoon Network. But if you did, then you know what i am talking about.

All this while, we just head to re-experience them all through nostalgia and low quality videos somewhere on the internet. But now the anime series is officially streaming on YouTube for free. The first episode of the original 2001 Beyblade anime serves as the inaugural posts on the channel and come in both English and Latin American Spanish. At the moment, the episodes are available to audiences in North America, most of South America, Europe, Australia and parts of Africa.

Takara Tomy originally launched game franchise back in 1999 with the debut 51-episode Beyblade television anime series premiering in Japan back in 2001. The English version debuted in July 2002 and spurred a toy phenomenon for Hasbro.

Watch the first episode of Beyblade on YouTube below: