For a large number of people residing in the Indian subcontinent, Bollywood plays an equally large part in their upbringing as Disney does. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing is up for debate. However, in a world that runs by illusions and carefully curated personas, we often tend to equate film stars to Disney princes – at least before we hit puberty. In their sharp suits and chauffeur-driven rides, these celebs seem nothing less than royalty to our hyper-imaginative minds. So if Disney ever chose a desi actor to portray a prince in their movies, who would play what? 

Prince Charming – Shah Rukh Khan

(Picture credits: Wikimedia Commons/Disney)

King Khan is the epitome of charm, really – just ask all his heroines and the people who work with him. In spite of his larger-than-life persona, Khan comes across as a very grounded guy. He knows how to dance, is a great actor and is witty to boot.

Li Shang – Tiger Shroff

(Picture credits: Instagram/Disney)

Why? Because have you seen his body and skills? He’s the only dude who could take on the Huns.

Flynn Rider – Shahid Kapoor

(Picture credits: Disney/Wikimedia Commons)

Too smart for you and couldn’t care less about it – we can only imagine the suave Shahid Kapoor pull off that classic Flynn Rider smirk.

Prince Naveen – Ranveer Singh

(Picture credits: Wikimedia Commons/Disney)

Only Ranveer could play this role of a happy-go-lucky prince who ends up making a deal with the devil. Naveen loves to sing, dance and make merry – remind you of someone?

Prince Adam (The Beast) – Hrithik Roshan

(Picture credits: Dhoom poster/Disney)

This role requires an intensity that we believe Roshan would pull off well. He has the body of a beast, anyway.