5 Reasons Why You Should Watch 'Guilty Minds' On Amazon Prime This Weekend
Shriya Pilgaonkar and Varun Mitra’s legal drama follow the journey of two young and ambitious lawyers.

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch ‘Guilty Minds’ On Amazon Prime This Weekend

Shriya Pilgaonkar and Varun Mitra’s courtroom drama is an honest look our legal system

Legal drama Guilty Minds is currently the talk of the town and it has been making headlines ever since it’s trailer came out. Streaming on Amazon Prime Video, Shriya Pilgaonkar and Varun Mitra’s legal drama follow the journey of two young and ambitious lawyers. While one is the epitome of virtue, the other is associated with a leading law firm dealing with all shades of grey. 

The series also stars Namrata Sheth, Sugandha Garg, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Satish Kaushik, Benjamin Gilani, Virendra Sharma, Diksha Juneja, Pranay Pachauri, Deepak Kalra, and Chitrangada Satrupa in pivotal roles and features guest appearances from actors such as Karishma Tanna, Shakti Kapoor, Suchitra Krishnamoorthi, Girish Kulkarni and Sadanand Verma.

Created and directed by Shefali Bhushan, the series is strongly rooted in reality. “Guilty Minds, for me, is more than just a series based on two prolific lawyers who fight for justice and their clients. It is a representation of all that I’ve learned about the law through my family. Growing up, the law was a constant topic of discussion at the dinner table at my house and I have always been intrigued by it. So, I wanted to present a realistic take on the legal system and Guilty Minds does that through the varied cases it explores.” said the director.

Shriya Pilgaonkar spoke about what it took to prepare for her role as Kashaf Quaze. The actress said “I remember the first time the audition scenes for Guilty Minds were sent to me and I read the name ‘Kashaf Quaze’; I felt instantly drawn to her. I felt like I knew her, I felt very curious to know her. I knew the kind of emotional range I will get to explore while portraying her. The process of portraying Kashaf was twofold, and one of it was being a lawyer. But for me, the starting point was to create an inner world for her, which I did along with Shefali. I feel like my director knows Kashaf better than Kashaf herself. So, for me, I wanted to create her instincts.”

If you’re looking for more reasons to catch the show, we tell you why:

First-ever true-blue Indian legal drama

There are not many Indian shows that depict the complexities of courtroom proceedings. With Guilty Minds, Amazon Prime Video has a chance to dominate this genre.

Stellar star cast

Guilty Minds have two phenomenal actors running the show but the rest of the cast is exceptional too. The ensemble cast includes , Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Satish Kaushik, Namrata Sheth and Benjamin Gilani. The performances make Guilty Minds a truly thrilling and compelling watch.

Impeccable research

Shefali Bhushan, the director of the series, left no stone unturned when it came to getting facts right. After a lot of research and analyzing, the director has managed to present a true picture of Indian courts through several cases which keeps the show’s narrative strong.

Dealing With Relationships

Guilty Minds is not just about the two lawyers fighting for justice and their clients, it also highlights the professional and personal relationships between the protagonists (Deepak and Kashaf). This brings a number of twists and turns in the series.

Grey Areas Handled Well

There are times when lawyers have to fight against their friends and that isn’t an easy thing to do. Guilty Minds unfolds when the cases get in the courtroom and the point of view of both the lawyers (who are also friends) are presented to the judge.

Co-directed by Jayant Digambar Somalkar, and produced by Karan Grover, Antara Banerjee, and Naved Farooqui, Guilty Minds is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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