It appears that every few years, when the gossip mags run out of material, we are gifted with a new Brad Pitt – Angelina Jolie – Jennifer Aniston rumour. We all know the whispers of Pitt allegedly cheating on Aniston with Jolie during the filming of Mr and Mrs Smith. We’re ashamed to inform that we’ve also kept track of the individual relationships that the three have been in.

Now, according to OK USA!, we are being informed that Pitt is still in love with Aniston and plans to reveal his affection for her in a big way. Brad wants to tell it like it is, how Jen is the only woman he’s ever loved and why he’ll never leave her again. He’s thinking about sitting down with Ellen Degeneres, who happens to be a friend of Jen’s, so she would make them both look good,” a source revealed to OK!

Jolie and Pitt will also begin their bitter custody trial on December 4 and a private judge will decide what happens to the Brangelina children.