Zarine Khan, the starrer from Aksar 2, and believe you me, she can probably set the Arctic ocean on fire with the amount of heat she can generate. A curvaceous beauty, Zarine had a wonderful transformation before she became an actress. “Yes, people talk about my weight as if it’s the biggest national issue! I have lost 45 kg since the time I joined Bollywood and I haven’t had the extra weight removed out of my body but done it naturally through workouts and exercises. I am very happy with my curvy body. I don’t think an actress must have a perfect figure. I used to weight more than 100 and I feel very proud of the fact that from there I have come to now where I am. I feel very proud of myself. Indian men like curvaceous women which is why actresses like Vidya Balan and Sonakshi Sinha have huge fan followings though they don’t have perfect figures,” she said. 

We look at some of her hottest moments in Bollywood, to spice up your Wednesday evening. 

Sharman Joshi and Zarine Khan come together to set the house on fire, and their chemistry in this song is insane to say the least. 

A song from her latest movie, there is a lot of thirst and lust in this number. And the feathers just add to making the scene extremely wonderful.

Zarine Khan in black lingerie is something that makes us sweat in an air-conditioned room. Initially, there is a lot of sexual tension between them with both actors choosing to sip from a glass of wine. But as soon as the glass drops, they let themselves loose.