BTS member Junkook is turning 24 on September 1 and the fans are beyond excited for this occasion. To make it special, they are celebrating it globally in their own way.

The BTS Army in India has dedicated a billboard to the singer in Mumbai. According to a tweet posted by @Jungkook_INDIA, fans in Mumbai have rented a bus stop billboard in Mulund West, adorning it with pictures of Jungkook. Another fan shared pictures of the bus shelter which showed that the billboard also features QR Codes to Jungkook’s hit solo songs like Euphoria, Still With You, My Time, and Begin.

Check it out below.

Chinese BTS fans have planned a huge surprise for the singer. One of the projects includes a custom-themed cruise ship that will sail along the Han river in the capital city of South Korea. Another project launched will be highlighting the artist’s 2020 single Still With You. The fan club will be dedicating a 7 meters high customised stage structure that resembles the cover design of the song. The structure will be installed on September 1 and will stay there for the entire birthday week of Jungkook.

Just before his birthday, Junkook shared a selfie on his Weverse handle. He captioned the post saying, “ARMY you are doing well, right?! Everyone, It’s my birthday soon..! If you have words you want to talk to me please leave it!” Soon, the ARMY couldn’t calm and the singer had to post another post, asking them to calm down.

He said: “Everyone, it’s not my birthday yet… LOL. Please understand what I intended…! hehe Regardless of my birthday, please let me know what you’ve always wanted to say to me in few sentences like “lyrics” hehe. He posted another note and said that he has been reading all the messages from ARMY and said “I keep reading your comments now, and these are giving me comfort…”

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