We are excited as hell about Trapped which is releasing this week. We don’t know how Shaurya (Rajkumar Rao) will escape his room in which he gets locked, and can’t wait to discover his story in detail. While we feel sympathetic towards Shaurya, we won’t blink an eyelid if the following people get trapped in a room.

Kamaal R Khan

Not only does Kamaal R Khan lack talent, he is also an arrogant man who doesn’t respect women. His reviews are the stuff of nightmares, and his first film Deshdrohi was a torturous experience.

Rakhi Sawant

She doesn’t fail to speak her mind. While that is not necessarily a bad thing, we really wish she spoke (rather than shout) sense and didn’t embarrass herself again and again.  

Himesh Reshammiya

We hated his music, but what really got our goat was his foray into acting. If he gets trapped in a room, he can sing and act all he wants without disturbing our sanity.


We don’t know how this man gets so much money to make films, while we have to live with far less privileges. It’s sad that a hairy man like him is so narcissistic, and chooses to assault us with his poor dialogues and bad acting.

Baba Sehgal

You just have to look at some of Baba Sehgal’s recent songs to figure out why he doesn’t deserve a place among civilians. He is mainly a musician, but has tortured us by acting in a few films too. Really, if you could file a case against someone for being painfully dumb, then we would file one against Baba at a police station near us.