Madhur Bhandarkar’s back and his next film will Indu Sarkar will be based on Indira Gandhi’s life, with Neil Nitin Mukesh playing the role of Sanjay Gandhi. The news didn’t go down well with our team, and we immediately began discussing the actors who could have pulled off the role much better.

Also, we are not judging Neil without watching the film. For all we know, he might do a great job. But given his recent performances, we are sceptical if he will prove us wrong given how challenging it’ll be to do justice to the character.

Instead of him, let’s take a look at better options.

Ranbir Kapoor

He has already played a politician’s role with panache in Prakash Jha’s Raajneeti, and we are sure he would have essayed the role of Sanjay Gandhi (which has its shades of grey) skilfully.

Imran Khan

With good make-up, Imran Khan can be made to look a lot like Sanjay Gandhi because both of them share the same boyish charm. Also, Imran hasn’t done a movie since Katti Batti in 2015 and a role like this is just what he needs to revive his career.

Shahid Kapoor

Over the last few years, Shahid Kapoor has completely reinvented himself as an actor and he ticks all the right boxes when it comes to characteristics that are required to play someone like Sanjay Gandhi.

Abhay Deol

We loved Abhay Deol’s role as a politician in Shanghai, and we think he will do fine as Sanjay Gandhi too. He is not an over the top actor, and his ability to act realistically is what makes him a better pick than Neil Nitin Mukesh.

Sushant Singh Rajput    

Sushant Singh Rajput gives method acting a new meaning. To be honest, we didn’t think he could pull off a high profile current celebrity like MS Dhoni, but he did it to everyone’s surprise. We are sure he’ll go to great lengths to get his body language, diction, mindset and appearance right for Sanjay Gandhi’s role.