The new trailer for Stanley Tong’s upcoming Indo-Chinese action comedy ‘Kung Fu Yoga,’ which was released in the country earlier this week, has already crossed a million views. With Jackie Chan and Lay Zhang partnering the likes of Bollywood’s Sonu Sood and Disha Patani, high hopes have been pinned on this project.

On the contrary though, we think that it could be a classic case of expectations and disappointments. Here’s why:

Kung Fu and Yoga, like seriously?

Even an amateur would know that kung fu is a martial art form and yoga is an entirely different form of physical (and mental) exercise. Why would you not want to pair an Indian martial art like Kalaripayattu, or maybe even wrestling (Bollywood’s latest obsession) with that instead?

Sonu Sood’s accent

The muscular Indian actor made his way into the hearts of masala Bollywood fans with his Dabangg antics. But you can’t repeat that with Jackie Chan around you. There’s something about his English accent which is neither funny nor succinct.

Jackie Chan’s Indian moves

Okay we get that the Honorary Academy Award winner can pull off a lot of things, but Bollywood dance is not one of them. Donning fancy traditional Indian clothes with an entire crew of dancers in the background, the Rush Hour star honestly looks out of place.

CGI much?

There have been so many felines in movies since the Hangover Mike Tyson scene that it doesn’t even count as exhilarating anymore. And when you have a poorly-made CGI lion in the backseat of your fast-riding car, it is plain lacklustre. Add some other imaginary animals and magic tricks to that, phbbtt!

Playing into Western stereotypes

Talking of magic tricks, the movie plays further into the hands of The West’s stereotypical image of India. The forts, the princesses, the charmers and nothing else is really able to break free from this cliché. With Jackie Chan making his Bollywood bow, you would expect much more from a movie like this.