She is possibly Bollywood’s favourite star right now. And for many reasons, Deepika Padukone has what it takes to become legendary in the long run. For starters, look at her. She oscillates between cute-girl-next-door and hot-bombshell with such buttery ease that you think the woman is borderline schizophrenic. And then, she has talent to back that up. We choose Padukone’s best performances till date:


One of those rare times when a Bollywood leading actress din’t mind becoming the “bad girl” for a film. And she still managed to steal our hearts. Padukone beautifully captured heartbreak and vulnerability in a very mediocre film.

Finding Fanny

Talk about taking risks. How many people choose an ensemble film which includes Bollywood’s greatest and still manage to deliver a memorable performance – in a niche English film? The girl’s got guts.



If you didn’t fall in love with Padukone in Piku, you have a heart of stone. She was adorably stoic, balancing a demanding job and an overbearing father with such natural ease, it felt like she is that girl from CR Park you grew up with (if you are Bengali and live in CR Park, that is).


Possibly Padukone’s best performance till date, Tamaasha made many people beg better directors to exploit her acting prowess. She was the beautiful humane foil the complicated narrative needed, to make it soar. Not to mention, her chemistry with ex-beau Ranbir Kapoor was scintillating.

Bajirao Mastani

Most. Beautiful. Woman. Ever. Also, talk about heating up the screen like no one else can.