India sees a huge number of flop films produced (there’s probably one releasing this week) every year, and we are just as clueless as you about who the hell is producing them. Hell, we can’t even fathom why some of that shit becomes a hit. But yeah, even a broken clock is right twice a day, and sometimes in life, watching the absolute worst can prove therapeutic.

Which is why we’ve gone back in time to the 90s to discover 5 of the extremely rotten tomatoes in the garden of Bollywood.

Sarkaailo Khatiya

Govinda acted in many questionable songs in the 90s, but this one takes the cake!

We Love, We Love Rocky

We want some of whatever Akshay Kumar is smoking in this video. It must have been potent, because you can’t explain this shit sober.


Did they hire a Nursery pass to write such horrendously naive lyrics?

In the night, no control

It shocks us that a lot of people must have made their livelihood shooting this song. Again, why would anyone burn money and produce bad stuff like this?


Probably the worst song you can listen to before going to the gym.