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“We Know We Are Called Bitches If We Ask For Something We Deserve”: Anushka Sharma

Smart, confident, always outspoken, Anushka Sharma tells us what she thinks of the industry and why this is a man’s world.

Anushka Sharma’s take on men, relationships, how women prefer men who are self-assured, and more. 


  • Not all of us are comfortable pouting for a camera in our personal lives. It is not always about looking beautiful and glamorous all the time.


  • We know it continues to be a man’s world, unfortunately. But hey, who said we can’t attempt to change that fact? I hope to produce cinema that will contribute to changing that very fact.


  • Most of us believe that honesty in a relationship is of utmost importance. Without it, no relationship can survive.


  • We can recognise a misogynistic, powerless man when we see one. The one thing you need to know — women are earning and spending their own money, so if you think we are with you for your bucks, you obviously live under a rock. The power game has shifted.


  • Whether we choose to work or stay at home, the choice is ours. That’s important — the choice is ours, the decision is for us to take.


  • We know we are called bitches if we ask for something we deserve. But hello, we aren’t floozies. We know what we are protesting against, or asking for.


  • Much like you, we could be slobs. We love to sit in front of the TV, eat in bed and then meet friends in the evening and play some XBox, Taboo or a board game, maybe drink some beer and just relax.


  • Women have a lot of layers in their friendships. And no, we don’t always talk about men. There are books and travel, gadgets and clothes, family and work… there is a lot to talk about, so don’t go by what you are shown in Indian movies.


  • We like men who are self-assured and driven, because that’s the way some of us are. We want to be with somebody who is also working and focussing on what he is doing.


  • And we seriously believe romantic comedies are life-giving. Feelings and romance and love are great.

 Photo by Aalok Soni/Hindustan Times via Getty Images