Mia Khalifa is in the news for posting an image of Virgin Mary with her face superimposed on it. The image attracted a lot of criticism and hate, and one person even promised to stop watching her videos henceforth. She has also received death threats and people have wished for her to ‘rot in hell’. 

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When a news outlet mistakes Malala for Mia Khalifa

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A user called emilymaria.97 said, “You might think is funny, but honestly grow up a bit and get the correct religion right.” Another one called karolicker386 did find the picture funny and said, “Think I just turned Catholic.” The more extreme ones echoed the sentiments of zegazog1, who said, “The cheapest woman in the world drew her face on the most God fearing woman of all time… this girl should die.” 

We think that such criticism is unnecessary, and those with a religious inclination should just ignore this rather than get worked up about it. In the past, a lot of actresses have dressed up as divine goddesses. Let’s take a look at a few such instances. 

Heidi Klum as Kaali

Image source: Pinterest

She does a fabulous job, with a lot of attention to detail. Carrying that outfit is no piece of cake, but expect Heidi Klum, the supermodel to do it with grace. 

Julianne Moore as Hera

This was for a Pirelli calendar, and believe you me, Julianne Moore looks pristine as Greek Goddess, Hera.  

Shelah Marie as Oshun

Shelah Marie absolutely slays it as Oshun, who is a popular manifestation of God in the Yoruba religion (followed in parts of Africa). 

Elisa Sednaoui as Flora

A model as well as an actress, Elisa Sednaoui appeared in a Pirelli calendar as Flora, the goddess of flowers.