The Aditya Roy Kapoor-Shraddha Kapoor starrer released today, and the reviews have been mixed so far. While some credit the film for being an exact remake of OK Kanmani, some say that the chemistry between Aditya Roy Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor isn’t exactly sizzling.

We bring you a round-up of what the leading critics have to say about the romcom.

Times Of India

“The thing that works most in OK Jaanu’s favour is its screenplay, kept intact from its Tamil predecessor. It is a scene-for-scene remake and capitalizes on great moments from the original film. The music (largely retained) with Gulzar’s new lyrics also does a throwback to OK Kanmani in the best way possible.”


“The exchanges between Adi and Tara in the Tamil production worked as a kind of lengthy foreplay and showcased the frisson between the couple. Screen chemistry, however, is never a function of formula. Ali has all the elements in place for a breezy ode to young love, but his mechanical approach and miscasting ensure that OK Jaanu is not exactly an okay remake.”

OK Jaanu

The Indian Express

“In Ok Jaanu, we can see Shraddha has progressed on the acting scale, and looks pretty and fresh. Aditya Roy Kapoor has some nice bits too, but the whole enterprise is beset by a drabness, which is surprising because you can accuse Ratnam of anything but being drab.”


“All we see are an actor and actress looking pretty, dressing prettily, doing fun stuff while songs play incessantly in the background, and doing the kind of things couples do in self-consciously ‘youth-oriented’ romances because they look cute on screen but would merit a tight slap in real life (such as your boyfriend landing up inside – yes inside – your office, skulking about in the shadows and whisking you off for a day in the sun).”

The Quint

“Not that every filmy idea has to be a ‘never-seen-or-heard-before’ exquisite extravaganza. It can be ridden with clichés and hope to capitalise on the cuteness quotient of its lead pair. Ok Jaanu does exactly this and falls in the genre called “strictly OK type”.”

ok jaanu

The Financial Express

“What doesn’t is that it’s eerily similar to last year’s Befikre. Not just in terms of theme, but also that plight of two capable actors having nothing to work with other than cliched scenes about live-in complications.”