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Five Films That Take Robert Downey Jr’s Acting Skills Beyond Iron Man

Five stellar performances that shouldn’t go unnoticed

We all love Robert Downey Jr’s (RDJ) sass and wit, and of course, the roles he plays. The most popular one being Iron Man, a character which seems perfectly moulded for him. Yes, we all love him as the snarky rich billionaire, Tony Stark, but there are far better movies that he should be remembered for and here, we take a look at some of them:

1.) The Judge 


RDJ plays the role of Hank Palmer, a Chicago-based lawyer who decides to fight the case for his father, a judge, who is accused of murder. In the film, Hank shares a broken and sour relationship with his father, but is the one lawyer who is determined to save him from being prosecuted. The whole film is based on this broken relationship they share, and RDJ’s performance as a lawyer and son who has to save the man he hates, is just brilliant.


2.) Natural Born Killers


Natural Born Killers is one of RDJ’s most riveting role yet. He plays the role of a member from the press, who interviews two very attractive serial killers and basically is the reason for their sensationalism. The whole film is a psychedelic trip with its trippy camerawork, so it can be a tough task to capture how good RDJ is in the film itself. 


3.) Tropic Thunder


Yes, the Avengers and Iron Man films do have a few jokes here and there, but Tropic Thunder has to be the funniest movie he’s ever been a part of. The movie revolves around a group of actors, who venture out into the jungle to shoot a film but end up being the target of real militants. RDJ plays Kirk Lazarus, an actor so dedicated to his craft, that he undergoes an operation to change the colour of his skin for the film he is shooting for. He is absolutely hilarious playing Lazarus, as he tries his best to be an African American.


4.) Chaplin


Talking about hilarious, Chaplin is another great film that lets RDJ showcase his potential as an actor. There are a few people throughout history that almost nobody can replicate on screen and Charlie Chaplin is one of them. A lot of actors have tried their best to play the comic icon on screen, but few have come as close as RDJ. 


5.) Sherlock


RDJ’s Sherlock is probably the next most popular character he has played after Iron Man. Sherlock Holmes is another character that has been replicated several times but RDJ’s take on the legendary detective is still unmatched. His chemistry with Dr Watson, who is played by Jude Law, is still one of the best partnerships we’ve seen between Holmes and Watson in cinema history.