Suniel Shetty is celebrating his 56th birthday today, and we really wish he wasn’t part of these photoshoots. They are bad, they are horrible and they don’t do any justice to the talent this man possesses. We’d like to remember by his dialogue delivery, his action skills and his comic timing. 

But alas, after looking at these pictures, we can’t forget it. So having suffered this torture, we’d like to transfer some of it to you too, dear reader.

Suneil Shetty

Seriously, if kids saw this, they would be scared.

That headband is the worst thing we’ve seen this entire year. 

Again, it looks like the fashion designer should be sent back to school. 

Sunil Shetty’s style of turning up his collar, is making sure that we never try this fashion move ourselves again. 

That banyan with that hideos necklace, is proof that poor fashion will make even the best bodybuilding regime will make you look bad.