There are plenty of rants against the Indian justice system and how it can be easily manipulated by the rich and the influential. In films though, the underdog often triumphs as that is what people want to see. To see justice being served to the criminals. With Jolly LLB 2 releasing this weekend, we look at some courtroom dramas that have been made in the past and whether they stand the litmus test of good cinema.


The tried and tested tale of a woman being wronged by the system forms the crux of Damini. It has some hard hitting dialogues by Sunny Deol, especially the tareekh par tareekh sequence which is well-remembered by audiences even now. Was it good? We think it hits the right notes of being filmy, but is marred by certain over the top sequences like when Sunny Deol tries to attack his opponent Amrish Puri.


Another riveting drama, Aitraaz is about a woman (played by Priyanka Chopra) sexually harassing Akshay Kumar. However, the case is filed by Priyanka Chopra and Akshay is presented as the accused. We enjoyed watching how all the cards are dealt against Akshay Kumar, and he looks guilty in front of the the resolution of the case is a tad far-fetched and unrealistic.

Veer Zaara

One of Yash Chopra’s epic love stories, Veer Zaara ends with a courtroom drama where Rani Mukherjee and Anupam Kher are at loggerheads. Shah Rukh Khan is wrongly accused for being a spy and has to spend 22 years in prison. He is rescued by Rani Mukherjee in a gripping courtroom scene, which has Shah Rukh recite an emotional poem called Kaidi No. 786.

Oh My God

In this film, Paresh Rawal is hit by misfortune and isn’t able to claim insurance money because his tragedy was an act of god. Hilariously, Rawal doesn’t find any other way but to file a case against god. What follows is one of the best courtroom dramas in the history of Bollywood, as Rawal argues against men who are representatives of God.

Jolly LLB

Arshad Warsi, who playes a small time lawyer takes up a case against an extremely powerful and accomplished Boman Irani. While the odds are stacked highly in favour of Boman, Jolly produces a miracle victory thanks to some good research and interrogation. The film earned rave reviews and even earned a National Award for Best Film. We only hope that it’s sequel matches up to its predecessor and Akshay Kumar and team find huge success.