Hands down, Indian villains are way cooler than their western counterparts. They can be scary, funny and one hundred percent bad. Unfortunately, since we have a paucity of space and time, we can’t serve you dialogues from all the great villiains. But, we can defintely present our favorite five. So without further do, let’s roll. 

Amrish Puri – Mogambo Khush Hua!


This one is from Mr. India, and is one of the many classic villainous performances from the great Amrish Puri. Even till date, this one sends chills down your spine.

Mukesh Rishi – Mera Naam Hai Bulla, Rakhta Huu Khulla!

It’s a dialogue that is more hilarious than sinister. The film became a cult long after its release thanks to its outrageous dialogues and even more outrageous villiains.

Gulshan Grover – Dirty Mind!

Nobody can be meaner, dirtier and nastier than Gulshan Grover. We really think he has a dirty mind in real life too.

Amjad Khan – Jo Darr Gaya, Samjho Marr Gaya!

No villain’s catchphrase is more iconic than this one. Interestingly, there was a remixed version of it too, in later films. It was, “Jo Nahi Dara, Samjho Ek Din Pehle Mara.”

Ajit – Saara Shehar Mujhe Lion Ke Naam Se Jaanta Hai!

This one’s an oldie, but a goldie. Seriously, we wish we had more charismatic villains like him in today’s generation too. Out of the whole lot, only Prakash Raj comes to mind.