Movies That Will Give You #Bromance Goals

Read on to relive your favourite bro-tastic moments from cinema

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From Greek legends to our favourite celebrities today, historic tales of bromances have been recorded through the generations. In fact, most men reading this would also have a homosocial bonding exceeding usual friendship with at least one of their close pals.

Celebrating this awesome relationship, here are some movies that will remind you of your bro and give you guys new #bromancegoals.



This 1996 ensemble comedy revolves around the lives of five aspiring actors in their 20s, coping up with the mysteries surrounding life and women on the ‘eastside’ of Hollywood. The oh-so-money bond between Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn in the movie truly set the tone for a new era of cinematic bromance in the 90s.

Dude Where’s My Car


The late 90s, transiting into the new millennium, also saw a slew of sex comedies that were a nostalgic paean to male adolescence. Our pick of them would be this Ashton Kutcher-Seann William Scott bromance that involved scores of pot-smoking and even helped push the envelope of homosexual stereotypes.

I Love You, Man


It’s the story of a real estate agent (Paul Rudd) who realises that he has no male best friends once his wedding day approaches. Enters Jason Segel playing a free spirited character and helps his new bro discover his lost self-confidence. There’s lots of playstation, jamming, trekking and beer too in this bromance. Sounds familiar?

Pineapple Express


It’s no secret that Seth Rogen is a bromantic person and his 2008 on-screen partnership with James Franco was among his best brom-coms. The half-baked duo run into trouble and the movie then graduates into an action film of sorts as our heroes find their way out of it. It’s even more fun if you’re watching it while getting stoned with your bros.

Sherlock Holmes


One of the talking points of Guy Ritchie’s film adaptation of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle classic was the chemistry and bromance between Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes with Jude Law as Dr Watson. Call it the brilliance of the originally written characters or the admirable enactment, we can’t get enough of the bickering and banter between these two.