It’s 2017, not 1977. The society is evolving, but Bollywood films certainly don’t seem to be making any progress. The latest film that seems to have taken our common sense for granted is Raabta – a romantic re-incarnation film starring two very good looking actors – Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon. The only thing that we like about the film is its title song, and even that is not an original. 

Usually what happens in these stories is that two people are wronged in their previous birth, and they come back to set things right. Even if we can buy the concept that everyone has a soul that never dies, we don’t believe that people can be born with the same face and have an epiphany where they remember their previous life.

As a theme, re-incarnation dramas have been far more prevalent in India than in any other country. At least, to our knowledge. There have been superhits like Karan Arjun and Om Shanti Om. Flops like Love Story 2050 and Mirzya. 

We don’t know what category Raabta will fall under, even though our gut says that the multiplex audience won’t buy the crap unless the story is really out of the world. It doesn’t look like it is though. Hamesha, a 1997 film starring Saif Ali Khan and Kajol seems to have a similar plot, so does Magadheera, a Telugu film that released in 2009. 

All said and done, it’ll be really cool if we had a re-incarnation drama in our lives too. Imagine me waking up to find that I was a king in my past life. Around thousand years ago. I had all the wealth and the money, but unfortunately, my love story couldn’t find a great ending because of some evil forces. In this life, I could finally meet my mate from that time and we can live a life that transcends time. If only.