There are many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day but one of the best ways is to have the most amazing sex of your life. One way to get in the mood is to watch erotic films that will get you so horny, you’ll want to hit the bed and get cracking as soon as the end credits roll. If you’re wondering which films can do this to you, don’t worry, we’ve culled a list of some really raunchy ones.

Y Tu Mama Tambien

A coming of age drama with a very sexy performance from Maribel Verdu, this film will make you want to come back again and again to ignite your libido.  


A film about an extra-marital affair isn’t ideal viewing for a couple, but we think the two of you should be comfortable about the fact that it’s only a movie. With extremely red hot scenes.


An Italian film starring Monica Bellucci, this film has some really tense scenes that can get the temperature rising between the two of you.

Body Of Evidence

Starring Madonna, who is also well known for her music, this film ranks right up there when it comes to sex thrillers and the sex scenes are downright dirty. In a good (makes you horny) way.

Wild Things

You’ll be shocked by the many twists and turns this film’s plot has to offer, but we love it for the sizzling sex scenes that’ll make you and your partner pause the film, and start grinding.