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The new Batman V Superman trailer is everything you want it to be

Check out the San Diego Comic-Con’s highlight feature

The latest full-lenght Batman V Superman trailer has finally surfaced on the internet, all thanks to the San Diego Comic Con 2015. Fans of the upcoming movie will recall that it was last year’s Comic Con that gave us a first look with a movie clip that had leaked online but was later taken off the internet.

The new trailer is out for all to see and gives enough screen time to all characters so we have a more clear idea of exactly what will go down. It would appear that the world is still reeling from the aftermath of the events from Man of Steel, and the powers that be are holding Superman responsible for the mass destruction that took place in Metropolis. Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne appears to be shaping up well, with an ageing Batman who isn’t comfortable with the presence of an omnipotent being on his planet.

The new trailer also sets the base for the upcoming Suicide Squad movie which will feature the Joker, played by Jared Leto. The Joker, although unseen in the trailer, appears to be a powerful presence throughout the movie, with the camera even zooming in on a Robin costume, perhaps indicating the character’s demise at the hands of Joker. This is a more ruthless Batman, perhaps embittered after a long career in crime fighting.

We also get to take a better look at Wonder Woman, who appears to evenly match the man of steel in full-scale superhero combat. And then of course, there’s Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor, yet to reveal his bald pate, but too sinister to not be anything but Superman’s archnemesis. A few more trailers like these will go a long way in whetting our appetites for the movie that is due to release in March, 2016.