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This is the scariest Indian film till date

We dare you to not have nightmares after watching this trailer. But that means you have to watch it first. Game?

Qaushiq Mukherjee aka Q loves shocking his audiences. For the man who debuted with Gandu, it is something we have naturally grown to expect from him. He loves titillating and tantalizing his viewers and while you might choose to hate him, his style of film-making is engaging and outrageous.

And he is back. With a batshit crazy horror film this time. Called Ludo, the film has been co-directed by him and Nikon (Rajarshi Babu – he has edited some of Q’s films earlier). Starring Bengali actresses Rii (Gandu, Tasher Desh) and Tillotama Shome (Shanghai, Children of War), Ludo is about four teenagers who, to bump uglies and do other un-Christian stuff, decide to spend the night in an abandoned mall. However, soon enough, the night turns from naughty-naughty to absolutely terrifying when an old woman and a ludo board enter the picture.

The trailer of the film might just be the goriest Indian audiences have ever seen. From copious amounts of blood, nasty violence, slasher porn and hints of brutal cannibalism, Ludo has enough of everything. Though not meant for the frail hearted, fans of gore might be pleased to finally see a worthy entrant in the genre from India.

American film website Twitch Film wrote that “…teenagers looking for sex with the whole thing devolving into a bloodbath … it’s a formula familiar from scores of American horror films but what Q and Nikon are doing here is something very, very different…” Ludo has already been picked up for international distribution by Paris-based sales agent Reel Suspects, who have previously represented master film-makers such as Jean Luc Godard and Chris Marker.


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