There’s one thing that we like about the song. It’s that it reverses ageism on its head. Usually, the hero romances someone way younger, but here the tables have turned. Rekha, one of the hottest and most talented actresses in Bollywood, gets down and dirty with a young and athletic Akshay Kumar. Unfortunately, Kumar and definitely the director was tripping on some extremely weird stuff while creating this.

At the beginning of this song, Akshay Kumar bites his lips and gives an angry look to Rekha. As if he is going to eat her up. In response, Rekha says in a sultry voice, “Even naughty girls need love!”

She follows it up with some poorly choreographed moves, with even more poor lyrics. After all, any lyricist who writes, “Love me, love me, love me, yeh boley” should be sent back to primary school.

Akshay Kumar is just standing with a blank expression when she is performing this. Probably because he is tripping on something serious to deaden the pain of seeing a legend like Rekha doing this.

Then, the two of them play in the swimming pool. Rekha is wearing a red swimsuit that covers her entire body. We’ve never seen something like that, and when this song is supposed to be hot, shouldn’t she be wearing something more revealing?

Then Rekha plays second fiddle, and is blindfolded. She is made to eat chocolate from a spoon, an apple and then again chocolate and cheese that covers Akshay’s hands. In the last frame of this sequence, Rekha bites the hand if she is a hungry lioness who hasn’t had any meat in eons.

Then comes the sequence that takes the absolute cake when it comes to WTFness. Wearing the similar red costume that she wore in the swimming pool, Rekha and Akshay Kumar get into some mud. She is covered with it, and both of them touch each other as if they are not making love, but playing a wrestling match.

After that they take a shower together, to wash off the grime and dirt. By this time, we’re glad that the song is coming to an end. Also, we need to add that the movie, Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi is just as WTF. There’s a fake Undertaker in it, which is such a bad move, that we can’t help but laugh out loud.