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Who is this new man in Shah Rukh Khan’s life?

His name is Gaurav. And by the look of it, both of them are quite into each other.

King Khan turned 50 today. If you landed up in front of his mansion today, you would be swept up by a human wave of adulation, boisterous cheering and fandom. It is quite a sight, actually. Especially when Khan comes out to his sea facing balcony and waves at hundreds of fans who quite had nothing better to do on a Monday morning.

The psyche of a celluloid fan is always an interesting study. When you look at the kind of madness SRK, Salman and the great Rajnikanth enjoy, you wonder – what creates such rock solid faith and affection for a person you don’t know personally? And with Fan, directed by Maneesh Sharma, SRK is trying to find the answer to this very question.

From its trailer, Fan looks like the story of a superstar’s super fan who, incidentally, is also a look alike. The film promises to be an intricate study of this celebrity mania which is quite indigenous to our country. We are introduced to Gaurav, a lifelong crazy fan of Aryan Khanna, who collects every possible photograph, ticket stub, matchbox, film poster and memorabilia with the superstar’s face on it. It looks like a pretty hunky-dory life but something about the sinister background score tells you that the story will not be a happily-ever-after after all.

The prosthetic make-up looks interesting and Khan has evidently lost all his bulk to get into the lanky body of a young fan. The trailer does not say much more. But knowing Maneesh Sharma, this should be quite a joyride.

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