If there’s one actor we’re disappointed with, it’s Saif Ali Khan. The man has oodles of style, acting talent and brains. And yet, he has had a horrific run at the box office. The last film we liked him in was Agent Vinod and probably parts of Cocktail. These two films were released in 2012. Since then, Saif has not played it safe and taken some horrible decisions. Yes, Race 2 was a hit, but it was a crap movie.

Just last week, we saw the poster of Bazaar, which looks like an Indian version of Wolf Of Wall Street. It may be good, it may be bad – we’re keeping our fingers crossed, and we hope that we finally see the actor in a film that has been well written and directed.

Since Cocktail, Saif has given us horrendous cinema like Bullett Raja, Humshakals, Happy Ending, Phantom and Rangoon. Not what you would expect from a Nawab, who has a fine taste in books and movies.

More than his films or endorsements, we hear of Saif as Kareena’s better half. Like really, is he just a tabloid celebrity now? Where is the funnyman Saif we saw in Kal Ho Naa Ho or Dil Chahta Hai? Where are dark characters like Langda Tyagi that we loved seeing in Omkara?

We understand that Bollywood is a tricky business, where success isn’t guaranteed as it is based on the whims of an audience with reduced attention spans. But that doesn’t mean you take 5 years to deliver a hit.

It’s time that Saif Ali Khan should really rethink the roles that he chooses. Probably slash his fee, and do more meaningful films. We think he did a really good job to prove his mettle as an actor, after delivering a string of flops in his early career. We hope that we see a shift again. Bollywood needs an actor like Saif. He should stay away from doing action films like Phantom and Bullett Raja. Leave that to the likes of Ajay Devgan and Salman Khan.  

With Chef and Bazaar, it looks like Saif is finally doing films that suit his personality. But, we can only tell if he is back on his feet, after we see the films. Till then, we are keeping our fingers crossed.