You won’t believe what motivated Disney to change the name of their recently released animated blockbuster Moana in Italy. Well, according to sources, they feared the G-rated feature, which stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, would be confused with Moana Pozzi, who is an Italian porn legend.

According to Cartoon Brew, the name of the new animated film, that features a Polynesian princess, would have created confusion with the Italian porn star, which is why the title of Disney’s 56th animated film was changed in Italy.

Moana Pozzi, who has claimed to have had sexual relations with Hollywood bigwigs such as Robert DeNiro, Harvey Keital, among others, was a beloved figure in Italy who passed away due to liver cancer at the age of 33.

She was not just another pretty face, but was also a frequent guest at talk shows. Pozzi has appeared in more than hundred X rated films which include Rocco Unleashed, Euro Flesh 14, among others. Not just this, she once launched a political party with a fellow porn star and also ran for the position of the Mayor of Rome.