Disney hasn’t reached where it has by giving up and taking it lying down and even with 2020 being the shit-show that it is, they’re willing to put up a fight when it comes to Hamilton, the musical, and the Academy Awards.

While Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton which is now streaming in film format on Hotstar and Disney+, it was reported that the movie would not be eligible for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences despite being praised by critics and audiences worldwide because it was found to be ineligible in the documentary film category.

However, Disney plans to submit the film, regardless, for Oscar consideration by other means.

Vanity Fair reports that according to a 1997 AMPAS rule which disqualifies films which are “works that are essentially unfiltered records of performances,” Hamilton becomes ineligible in the documentary film categories.

However, Walt Disney Studios is planning to submit the film to different guilds that decide other awards and because qualifications for nominations vary from guild to guild, Hamilton might just end up in the running.

Whatever said and done, the 2021 Oscars will surely be an event to watch.