Faisal Khan has detailed what went down with his family for them to have the strained relationship they do today.

In an interview with Navbharat Times, he has disclosed that it all started as he was kept under house arrest for about a year under the pretence of mental illness. Aamir Khan and his family had allegedly locked up Faisal Khan at his house over suspicion that Faisal was depressed and had paranoid schizophrenia.

Faisal claims as he began to protest, he was taken to a nursing home and drugged heavily, leading him to remain asleep for up to 18 hours a day and gain weight. According to him, he was under constant surveillance and without a cell phone to himself.

Things got better before they got worse. He stopped protesting and agreed to take meds and so was allowed to live on his own. But one day, as he was in the middle of setting up a new life for himself at a goat farm, his brother urged to meet him. He was asked to give up his signatory rights.

The actor-turned-director said that he had to move to the court when Aamir Khan asked him to give up his signatory rights. Faisal Khan said his lawyer had advised him to leave the city for a while, however, he added that Aamir Khan tracked him with the help of the police and forced him to get treatment for the purported mental illness.

“I was given the wrong medication for one year, which was very unfair on the family’s part. I was quietly tolerating it all, hoping that they will finally understand,” Faisal Khan said in his interview in Hindi.

Faisal Khan, the younger brother of Aamir Khan, said that he was forcefully admitted to Mumbai’s JJ hospital, where he underwent a mental evaluation for twenty days, after which he was declared of sound mind and mentally healthy.

He has spoken about the aftermath, too, and how he finds it challenging, to this day, to find work and sustain himself in this industry.

“Such a big incident happened to me, so I can forgive him, but I can’t forget what happened. I talk to my family on the phone, I wish them on birthdays and on Eid, but there is a distance. There is also a fear, because of what they did in the past. I would like to maintain a distance. I won’t lie, there is a barrier between us, but it’s better to maintain this distance,” he said as the interview came close to conclusion.

Faisal Khan was seen in Mela with his brother, a film that did not bode very well with the box office. He is now returning to the screen with his directorial debut, Faactory.

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