Faisal Khan, Aamir Khan’s younger brother has come forward about his legal battle with his own family in 2007-08. In an interview with Bollywood Hungama, he alleged that he was kept under house arrest and forcibly given medication.

“When the family felt that I was depressed and had paranoid schizophrenia, they kept me under house arrest for one year and gave me forceful medication. It is illegal but I was taking all this quietly because I thought that the family will realise at some point, that if I am mad, I will show it in some way. I thought I should be patient till they come to their senses that they are troubling me for no reason,” Khan said.

Khan decided to leave the house when he was asked to give up his signatory rights, he states. He fought the family in court for several months after which the Bandra metropolitan magistrate’s court ruled that he need not be in anyone’s custody.

“I was given wrong medication for one year, which was very unfair on the family’s part,” he said, adding that following a mental evaluation at JJ Hospital for 20 days, he was declared of sound mind and mentally healthy.