Collection of Pokemon cards have become a hobby for many people across the world, who also invest huge amounts for trading rare cards.

However, a £290,000 deal for a box of rare first-edition Pokémon cards, what was livestreamed on the internet ended in disaster for YouTuber when the cards turned out to be fake. American investor Chris Camillo developed an interest in Pokemon trading cards after he saw the market for the cards rocket last year, The Guardian reported.

Earlier this year, rapper Logic paid £173,000 for a single pristine 1999 Charizard card earlier in the month.

On opening the sealed box, the YouTuber was stunned to find that the cards were counterfeit. Fortunately, the money was yet to be paid and was sealed in a silver briefcase full of $100 bills during the live broadcast. When the box was opened, they realised the ‘rare’ cards they wanted to buy were actually replaced with filler sets that were common, damaged or otherwise worthless.