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#FollowFriday: Twinkle Khanna’s Twitter Timeline Tickles Our Funny Bones

Her tweets are dripping in sarcasm and we love it.

She is a breath of fresh air from all the political-correctness that famous women usually display, especially if they happen to belong to the Bollywood fraternity. But then, Twinkle Khanna isn’t just another star wife; she is a successful author and an independent voice who does not shy away from speaking her mind. And whether it was her stint on Koffee with Karan or her hilarious tweets, Mrs. Funnybones a.k.a Twinkle Khanna has time and again proved her sassiness, which has sometimes left her husband Akshay Kumar blushing or maybe even gasping for air.

Her smart and witty responses, the subtlety with which she conveys her thoughts which are mostly dripping in sarcasm,  is a delight to read and she is quite a role model for a number of women out there, if you ask us.

Don’t know what we’re referring to? Well, here’s taking a quick look at the badass woman’s twitter feed to give you a gist of what we’re talking about. 

Never shies away from calling a spade a spade. 

Point to be noted, my lord. 

Well, who says only boys can have all the fun? 


She’s got a point there. Akshay, are you listening? 

This is in complete contrast to Raveena Tandon’s recent tweet where she politicized the saree. We think Twinkle Khanna is spot on. 

This one definitely sent us all into fits of laughter. 

She mirrored our thoughts in this one.