Ayushmann Khurrana shared a picture of himself looking through a telescope, explaining the current positions of various celestial entities.

The actor has made his potency with the piano apparent but many don’t know of his long-found love for the objects of the sky. Even as he was in Pune to shoot for Andhadhun back in 2018, he had visited the Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA).

Many an actor from B-town have passions they indulge in when they are away from the camera. Here are 5 of them;

Shah Rukh Khan – Tech and Wheels

Shah Rukh Khan

SRK is known to want to keep up to date with the latest technology by the people in his life. He is also known to love playing video games – making him perfect for his role in Ra.One. The DDLJ actor also has a hoard of cars that he prides himself on.

Vidya Balan – Poetry

Vidya Balan

Each role that Balan has picked to portray has had some form of depth, watching her on screen, one always walks away with food for though. The fact that she likes to compose poetry and prose for leisure completely seems to align with who she is. However, her writings are private, meant only for those close to the actress. She is also known to mimic famous people.

Shahid Kapoor – DJing

Shahid Kapoor

Back in 2013, the revelation of this passion of Kapoor’s was made. He was said to carry his own set of audio speakers and other equipment to play at several private parties, including taking over from the regular Disc Jockey at one of SRK’s parties. He has also made sure to remain connected with many international DJs to remain in tune with the craft.

Aamir Khan – Playing the Drums

If we know anything about the perfectionist of Bollywood, we can assume he is exceptional at the drums. He has been rocking the set of instruments for years and years. He has even played the drums on a musical TV show and for the musical launch event of one of his movies, Peepli Live.

Dia Mirza – Pottery

Dia Mirza

While shooting for the 2011 movie Alibaug, Mirza gave into the intrigue of pottery and has not stopped since. The movie was shelved but it did give Mirza a hobby she deeply enjoys.

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