Cersei’s gone and done it now – she’s created the Mad Queen. In the previous episodes of Game of Thrones Season 8, we saw how the realm of men won over the Night King and his army (thanks to Arya Stark, badass extraordinaire). We also witnessed Bran and Sam tell Jon Snow that he was the child of a Targaryen and a Stark and could possibly be the true King of the Seven Kingdoms.

Dany, obviously, wasn’t very happy with this information and in this episode, she tries to convince Jon to keep his mouth shut. However, Jon’s like “I gotta tell my family” and that’s exactly what he does – he tells Sansa and Arya his secret. While Sansa’s dad was really good at keeping secrets, Sansa clearly isn’t and tells Tyrion all about it – Tyrion goes on to tell Varris who tries to convince ‘the imp’ to support Jon and ditch Dany.

However, this isn’t the important bit in the episode – RHAEGAL IS DEAD, you guys. What the Night King and his zombie dragon couldn’t do is achieved by Euron Greyjoy, the asshole.

Hurt? Well, there’s more to come. In an ambush planned by Greyjoy, Missandei of Naath is captured. That’s right, Dany’s BFF is taken captive and Tyrion, not having learned his lesson from previous misadventures with Cersei tries to convince his sister to be humane.



Obviously, Cersei, the stone cold bitch that she is, gives the order to have Missandei’s head chopped off.

Missandei’s last words? “Dracarys”.

Missandei just ordered the endgame for everyone in King’s Landing. Burn, baby, burn.


Oh, Jaime and Brienne had sex.