Google sent the Marvel fandom into a frenzy after a search result for Hugh Jackman listed the upcoming Avengers: Endgame as one of his movies. 

Knowing that Disney is just weeks way from the Fox merger, fans have been hoping for an explosive X-Men or Deadpool introduction into the Marvel cinematic universe. So, when fans searched for ‘famous Hugh Jackman movies’ on Google and saw the name ‘Avengers: Endgame’ pop up, they naturally lost their minds. They took to Twitter to share their confusion and excitement about their newly made discovery. 

The Google search mentioned that Jackman will be seen in the end credit scene, but him making an appearance in Endgame is highly unlikely and this just seems to be the work of another prankster. Joe Russo, the co-director and co-writer of Avengers, had reportedly mentioned earlier that there is a very strong possibility of other Fox acquired characters like Deadpool and X-Men making an appearance with the resident Marvel cinematic stars, but nothing has been confirmed.