It’s Hrithik Roshan’s birthday, the man who probably made the most rocking debut ever in the history of Bollywood. We have to admit, that if you put the scandal that he was involved in last year, he stands tall as a fine actor and an even finer fitness role-model. 

His ripped physique is good enough to make women swoon and salivate and have sleepless nights. “Yeah, I love mirrors. They are a very good guide, especially for actors. I mean, you get to see how others see you, and it helps to get your exterior in tune with your interior,” he said in an interview with us.

Despite being so good looking, Hrithik believes that inner beauty is bigger than outer aesthetics. “I don’t believe in looks. I think beauty is a sequence of self-expression. It is not one frame. It is not your nose, jaws or bone structure. For me, beauty is how a person perceives his world, how he articulates his interpretations of life, how he is interpreting his life experiences, and what he is able to radiate through his expressions. I regard the feeling that you get from a person as beauty. Beauty is as beauty does,” he said.

After this, we asked why he works so hard on his looks, and he said, “I work hard on my potential. I have a body so I will make sure I am healthy and will take care of it. I do my best to find out my potential in every aspect of life. And that is what matters.”

All said and done, the hard work does show and these jaw-dropping images will give you some major fitness goals.

We hope that he has a great birthday party, and we’re super-excited about his upcoming 2018 film where he plays a mathematician.