Actor Henry Cavill announced his departure from the Superman franchise back in 2018. But in a supringing, new turn of events, we might soon see Cavill don his red and blue Superman suit once again.

According to a report by Comic Book, Cavill has signed a brand-new deal with Warner Bros. to reprise his role as the Man of Steel. The report also states that the new contract was the reason why Cavill appeared on Zack Snyder’s live stream of Man of Steel last week, which concluded with announcement of the Justice League Snyder cut coming to HBO Max.

But Cavill’s return may not be as detailed as it was before. The studio intends to have Superman appear as only a supporting character in other DC superhero films. Similar to how the Hulk’s character has been used in Marvel Cinematic Universe. As of yet, the Hulk hasn’t had his own solo movie since Mark Ruffalo was cast as the big, green monster. Cavill, however, has a slew of films to his name as Superman, and with a solid background already set for the superhero, the studio now wants to go ahead and pair the might God up with other superheroes like Shazam.