If you’ve got a gang that takes care of you and supports you through multiple crises, you’re one of the lucky ones just like Sonali Bendre. She’s often seen chilling with her besties, Gayatri Oberoi and Suzanne Roshan.

Like all amazing people in the world, Bendre loves dogs. In fact, we find ourselves often heading to her feed to get our weekly dose of icy, the golden retriever.



Bendre’s social media real estate plays host to her son and husband quite often. It’s a rare week when the actress doesn’t post a picture with her son and an adorable caption.


The first thing you notice about Sonali Bendre’s feed is that she is a major bibliophile. Sonali’s Book Club (yes, that’s a thing) features topics ranging from mythology to books on female friendships.


Last year, the actress was diagnosed with cancer. She’s taken the news head-on with a smile. Now, she uses her Instagram platform to educate and inspire people who’ve come face to face with the disease.