In India, there is a tendency in people to not differentiate between the actor and the person. A lot of people believe Hrithik Roshan is a good guy, considering the kind of roles that he portrays (like Krrish) stand for high morals, ethics and respect for women.

But then, reality comes as a rude shock, and after Kangana Ranaut’s interview to Rajat Sharma, we’ve realised that the man who many idolized actually has feet of clay.

“If some girl has worked with you (Hrithik) for seven years, can’t you call her up and say, ‘Why are you sending so many mails? Don’t you have any work?’ No, you’ve collected those mails. You’ve compiled them into a file. Then you hired India’s best criminal lawyer for these mails, and said save me from this girl,” Kangana said in the interview.

“His plan failed because he didn’t know that the flop actress he used to date, would become a star after Queen. Become a superstar after Tanu Weds Manu, and her journey will become so great that nobody will listen to my opinion,” she added.

“I was actually in love with that person. I felt so bad, because I like writing poems, and when I was in New York, we had a really nice exchange. Sharing a personal intimacy with a person is the most beautiful thing in the world. When you share a relationship with someone. He has used those 3-4 letters, and copy-pasted them into those letters that I have not sent. You’re in a different zone, when you write those type of poems and couplets. But he used those letters to malign me, and when somebody does that, it is like a second death that you go through,” she said, tearing up a little bit over the last sentence.

Kangana also said that Hrithik Roshan had rejected her because of being married, but later when he was getting divorced, he said that he could see himself and Kangana together.

Surely, after all of these accusations, all of which maybe true – since you cannot say such controversial things without hesitation, if you’re not speaking the truth. 

One thing is for sure, even if Hrithik Roshan’s movies receive rave reviews by critics, we’re not going to watch them. Not until he comes clean, and apologizes.