Students of Indian universities and celebrities have quite an interesting relationship. We often see students indulge in hilarious acts like naming Bollywood stars as their parents in college forms, and making it to the news for the same. A similar incident took place recently when students of Delhi University wrote to Emma Watson with a special request. 

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Watson, who has been very vocal about the alarming issues around the world, gave a moving speech at the United Nations. This speech was then turned into questions for Delhi University students to answer. The students were not okay with this, and went on to write to the actress, requesting her not to give such long speeches in the future. 

“It was a really funny scene for us. After attempting an entire paper on Emma Watson’s speech, we decided to let her know how it felt and how our hands were paining because she decided to give speeches on international platforms. We thought to ourselves that this was absolutely unfair to us and we need to act on it. I mean, just imagine an entire paper based on her speech. I agree that she is known for one of the fondest characters, Hermoine in Harry Potter, but that does not mean she has to give such long speeches. I requested her to stop giving long speeches hence,” Aatika Chaudhary, a student of Vivekananda College told Hindustan Times. 

It all started with a hilarious hashtag that read, #CampusKhurafat. “It was supposed to be a funny outburst. One of my friends did it, and the rest thought it was funny so a chain got created I think. Every person who did it shared the screenshot of the chat on their Instagram story and soon the trend became viral. The offside of living an online campus life is that we cannot do any sort of mischief so hence this was definitely needed,” says Aarushi Singh, a student of Daulat Ram College.

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Students added that they are expecting a reply from Watson. “I think since the messages were sent in Hindi, she wouldn’t have understood what we want to say, but it would be epic if she does,” says Akshita Chauhan, another student of Daulat Ram College.