Helen McCrory’s demise shocked all her fans across the globe. The British star’s husband, Damian Lewis, announced she had died of cancer on Friday, and ever since then her co-stars have been honouring and remembering the actress through social media posts. Harry Potters Tom Felton, who essayed the role of her on-screen son Draco Malfoy in the franchise, also honoured the actress with a heartfelt post on Instagram.

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Sharing a still from Harry Potter, Felton wrote, “So sad to say farewell so suddenly – I never took the chance to tell her, but she helped shape me as a person so much – on & off-screen.” McCrory played Narcissa Malfoy in the final three Harry Potter films.

Harry Potter’s Tom Felton added, “She was always relentlessly herself- razor-sharp wit – silver-tongued – kind & warm-hearted – she suffered no fools yet had time for everyone. thank you for lighting the way forward & holding my hand when I needed it xx.” Check out his post below:


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Jason Issacs also reflected on McCrory’s legacy in his own post, saying, “Decades ago Helen and I auditioned together for a film. I came home and said to [my wife] Emma ‘I think I’ve just met the greatest actress I’ve ever seen.’ After years of watching her mesmerize audiences, I don’t think that any more…I know it.”

“Luckily, I eventually found out that she was also scabrously funny, shockingly naughty and with an empathetic heart the size of a planet. As continually starstruck as I was on the Harry Potter films, being screen-married to and giggle with the great Helen McCrory will always be a highlight. Her proudest achievement, though, was building and loving the family that was her bedrock. They’ve lost so much and I send all my love to Damian and the kids. xxx.” Issacs essayed the role of McCrory’s husband in the Harry Potter franchise.