Piers Morgan is possibly one of the most contentious British celebrities. The news reporter unapologetically puts his opinions out in the open, and lands in trouble. He recently made some outlandish comments about Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah Winfrey, and went on to call her out for defaming the royal family. This was followed by social media enrage, a morning debate on ITV’s show Good Morning Britain, and him quitting the show all together. 

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ITV issued a statement simply saying, “Following discussions with ITV, Piers Morgan has decided now is the time to leave Good Morning Britain. ITV has accepted this decision and has nothing further to add.” Morgan hosted the show alongside Susanna Reid since 2015, and has since made several absurd comments on celebrities and other big issues that dragged his name into controversies. 

We went on to look back and accumulate Morgan’s infamous moments for you. From heated arguments on live TV to social media scandals, here are the top 5 controversies Morgan was a part of.

Piers Morgan’s Comment Over Susan Sarandon’s Cleavage 

This was probably just the beginning of a disaster waiting to happen. The very opinionated Morgan took to Twitter to comment on Susan Sarandon’s clothes. She presented the In-Memoriam section at the 2016 SAG Awards and the Morning Show host was not impressed by her outfit. He called her out on her white suit/black bra outfit. “Would Susan Sarandon wear this to a funeral? No. It was thus horribly inappropriate for an In Memoriam tribute,” Morgan tweeted. Sarandon clapped back with an epic throwback picture from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, featuring the actress in a white bra. “Today’s #TBT is dedicated to @piersmorgan,” she tweeted.

Piers Morgan leaks BBC salaries

Being in the industry for such a long time, Morgan was no stranger to press embargos. Back in 2017, he shared the details of the salaries of the BBC’s highest earners even before they were due to be released by the officials themselves. He shared a list of high-earning BBC stars on Twitter and bragged that he got a ‘scoop’ and had to share it with everyone else. He received a lot of backlash from the same where Morgan’s rivals went on to call him “naff” and “a bellend.”

Piers Morgan and His Hate For Vegans

Greggs, a vegan-based food chain had announced that they would be selling vegan sausage rolls and other vegan products after Christmas 2019, and this was not well received by the presenter. He went on to label them as “PC-ravaged clowns” and in a tweet stated, “If you Google steak, a steak is a cut of meat or fish, it’s not vegan or vegetarian.” The news presenter was bashed for his reckless opinions online. 

Piers Morgan’s Dig At Ariana Grande 

2017’s suicide bombing at Ariana Grande’s gig in Manchester came as a huge shock for everyone. Morgan vigorously reprimanded the singer for not visiting survivors of the attack in the hospital. Grande’s fans made sure he knows that the singer not only returned to the city to see the victims but also arranged the One Love benefit gig for them. This was one of the rare moments when Morgan apologised for his mistake, rubbing the fact that it seldom happens with him. 

Piers Morgan impersonating Chinese people

Netizens lost their cool when they saw Morgan impersonating a person speaking in Mandarin. He was talking about Peter Phillips, the Queen’s grandson, who had featured in a Chinese advertisement for milk and was slammed for mocking and exaggerating the accent. People felt it was racist, and his co-presenter, Ms Reid, even pointed out how impudent he was being. Defending his actions, Morgan tweeted, “I was mocking a member of the British royal family appearing in an advert for Chinese state milk, not Chinese people.”

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Piers Morgan has been cynical towards Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. He stormed off the set of Good Morning Britain on Tuesday when he was called out for dishonouring Markle’s account of suicidal thoughts and racism during her time as a senior royal. Morgan was yet again slammed for his reckless behaviour.