To the millennials/Gen Z or whatever is next to follow, FashionNova has been the most beloved apparel brand ever since its launch. Celebrities too aren’t immune to the trend as you might want to recall Cardi B’s verse ‘I could buy designer, but this Fashion Nova fit.‘. The clothes are affordable and made to flaunt on Instagram. With 13 million followers worldwide, FashionNova truly has made a mark and given women the clothes that fit their curves. 

Following their whooping success, the brand is now giving all the men out their a chance at being the next Nova Man with their new menswear line. The collection launched with over 300 styles across shirts, t-shirts, joggers, hoodies, jackets etc and even matching sets for bae and you for your next Netflix and chill date. 



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A post shared by FashionNovaMen™ (@fashionnovamen) on

However, few styles caught our attention for a fairly different reason. Looking at the mesh top almost made us hum ‘EK Pal Ka Jeena’?! The black mesh, bandana and sunglasses look was so iconic that it made us feel that FashionNova’s true inspiration really lies here. Luckily there were others who were quick enough to point that out too. 


Your thoughts?  


Image Credits: (@fashionNovaMen on Instagram)