Hugh Jackman, who shot to fame for his role as Wolverine in the X-Men series, is in the lead to play Ferrari chief Enzo Ferrari in an upcoming film.

The film which has been tentatively titled Enzo Ferrari will be based on the Italian’s life, particularly in the year 1957 which was a tumultuous year in his life – the company underwent a financial disaster following a crash of one of the Ferrari cars at that year’s Mille Miglia road race and the founder also reportedly came under attack from the Vatican. That very year, Ferrari also lost his 24-year-old son Dino. The reason for Dino’s death was muscular dystrophy.

“The real power of this piece is in the emotionally charged lives of these people in complex, extreme circumstances. In addition, there is the explosive power and lethal beauty of racing. It has a great drama at its core and that’s why Ferrari stayed with me,” said director Michael Mann in an interview to Deadline.