This is big news for followers of the Instagram account, ‘My Therapist Says!’ The page, operated by Lola Tash, Nora Tash, Gina Tash and Nicole Argiris, features memes on mental health offering a tongue-in-cheek viewpoint on everyday struggles. MTS has a 7.6 million-large fan base, with ancillary pages like, My Therapist Helps and My Bestie Says. John Ryan Jr and Kenan Thompson of Artists for Artists, a not-for profit arts organisation, have now announced that they will be developing content from the page into a TV show and we’re naturally excited to see how this pans out.  

For the moment, confirming the news, Ryan spoke of his admiration for the account in a statement, where he called MTS “pop culture tastemakers and class clowns that is the need of the hour”. Tash, on the other hand, shared that they were excited to continue spreading the message around mental health through the medium of humour.

Apart from Artists for Artists, a production and finance company respectively will be co-financing the series, with partners, Argiris and Tash as executive producers.  

The account came into existence in 2015 and ever since, has been on a roll. Within a year it became one of the most popular pages on Instagram and is almost like a social phenomenon. The page was launched in a bid to de-stigmatise mental health by offering new perspectives on the anxieties of daily life, and taking the edge of these topics through viral memes and funny content.  

Previously the account $#*! My Dad Says had been adapted into a TV series, which lasted for one season. The details of who would be in the cast and on which platform it is going to launch is yet to be announced, but we think it’s worth the wait. 

(Featured Image Credits: Lola Tash/ Instagram)