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Jamie Foxx Reposts Epic Fan Reviews As ‘Day Shift’ Goes Viral

Loads of exciting action bits, a fun easygoing plot, and Snoop Dogg hunting down the undead — with plenty of hype, it’s clear to Netflix that the silly-if-enjoyable flick is good material for a sequel or two

Throughout the weekend and into mid-August, Netflix’s new vampire-hunter comedy Day Shift has won over the internet — drawing tons of fans and even sparking discussions of sequels and spinoffs.

One review in particular, from Twitter user @MagicHandz, garnered the attention of lead star Jamie Foxx, who stars as LA vampire hunter Bud Jablonski. The actor, who has been on a solid streak of films such as Soul and Spider-Man: No Way Home , decided to simply repost the review on Instagram, letting the reaction speak for itself:

The film focuses on the life of Foxx’s Jablonski, who cleans pools as a front for his vampire-slaying gig. His union rep, played by James Franco, tells him to only work the day shift — without bypassing the many codes set down by whatever organization manages the activities of professional vampire hunters. Hopeful to earn the extra dough to help send his daughter to a private school, Foxx’s character finds himself backed by Big John Elliot — a union veteran played by none other than Snoop Dogg.

Day Shift Netflix

Snoop’s addition is particularly fun. Not only is Snoop pretty hilarious on camera, but he also comes in with a surprising late-runtime scene that sets up an interesting premise for future films. This isn’t his first rodeo with supernatural films either — the star played a vengeful, good-hearted specter in 2001’s Bones. Given that both musicians are in the film, it boasts a pretty slick LA hip-hop soundtrack as well, featuring a long list of classic rap anthems.

The cast also features Karla Souza, Megan Good, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, and Steve and Scott Adkins as the Nazarian Brothers, a hunter-duo who fans have deemed worthy of a spinoff series. Fans gushed about the film in general, and were particularly excited at the prospect of a sequel:

Some even compared it to other Netflix projects such as The Gray Man:

Despite being perceived as a hit on social media, critics took the film with a pinch of salt. CinemaBlend’s, Eric Eisenberg slapped a low 1.5/5 stars on the movie, stating that it ‘fails to be entertaining in any way’, although he claimed that it would drum up a fanbase regardless.

Day Shift Netflix

Through a combination of Foxx and Dogg’s sheer charisma and fun action scenes, the team seems to have turned an otherwise predictable plot around, giving fans a pretty exciting, fun flick to watch this August.

At the very least, Day Shift is certainly worth a shot and is currently available to stream on Netflix. With Foxx slated to continue his streak of successful films through 2023, an under-wraps Mike Tyson series seems to be his next big acting venture.

Lead Image: Netflix