After over a year in moved release dates and three public listens of his 10th studio album, Donda, Kanye West’s record is now available to stream.

Following a listening party at Soldier Field on August 27, the album was finally released, the third of its kind, this time in his hometown. However, hours after the album hit music services, the rapper made it clear via social media that that has happened against his wishes.

He went on to tell the audience that a song,  Jail 2, has been blocked off the album. This was a source of confusion as a song named Jail, Pt. 2, is, in fact, included in the near two-hour released version. It is the album’s 24th track, which was originally unavailable to stream when the album was first released but was later made available.


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The track has been at the centre of controversy, as it features both Marilyn Manson, who has been accused of sexual assault by several women, and DaBaby, who made headlines earlier in the month with his homophobic comments. Netizens were not happy to see these two musicians at the third listening event, either.

The album also features special appearances by Jay-Z, The Weeknd, Travis Scott and Lil Baby among others.

The album is named after his late mother who passed owing to complications with cosmetic procedures. The record touches on religious themes of redemption along with turmoil in West’s personal life. It has changed drastically over the past month since the first listening session. There is a good chance that West will continue to tinker with the music on this album even after he released it, as he has in the past with other albums like the 2016 The Life of Pablo.

In other news about the album, estranged wife Kim Kardashian has been quite supportive of the artist in his latest venture. She has been at all listening events, matching outfits with the rapper, bringing the children and overall behaving as an integral part of his unit. She was a part of the last demonstration, sparking an internet frenzy as she entered the Donda listening event in a wedding gown and a veil.


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“He was smiling so hard you could feel his energy radiate as he was looking at her,” an eyewitness tells Us Weekly exclusively. “If you watch the video from the [event], you will see he said, ‘You look pretty.’”

Continuing the support, the KKW Beauty founder posted screenshots of the album playing on her iPhone — specifically Hurricane, Donda, Lord I Need You and Ok Ok, Pt. 2. She, however, missed a little detail and was instantly called out by the internet. The volume was all the way down to zero. She had been listening to the album on mute.

In some final news, the rapper may have hinted at another presidential campaign coming with his latest merch that read 20/24 on the back.

The album, Donda, is finally available to hear on all streaming platforms and is being received exceptionally well.

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