Kareena Kapoor Khan is known for many things – her brilliant performances in films like Chameli, Jab We Met and Refugee, her style statement, her diva attitude but oftentimes, her versatility doesn’t get the credit it should. In fact, so versatile is she that you’re bound to find some aspect of her in the women you meet/see at a club.

The Poo

She knows she’s the centre of attention. She’s glamorous, sexy and the best part is that she knows it.

The Kalindi

Chic, smart and successful, Kalindi is the one who’s turned up at the bar for some expensive scotch after having fought a tough legal case.

The Geet

The life of the party – you leave her at the bar for a minute and she has already befriended some seven other people.

The Pia

The designated driver, Pia is in charge of taking care of all the mess and bills and what not.

The Riana

She turns up at the party alone and by the end of it, has become a part of three separate groups and has been invited to a wedding and a baby shower.