Actress Katrina Kaif is all set to become India’s first female superhero. The film, which will be directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, will be shot in several countries and has been visualised as a larger-than-life story.
Needless to say, Kaif has been working out really hard for her role.

“We plan to shoot it across three to four countries,” says Zafar who has already locked locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, reports Mid-Day. Next on the list is a recce to Poland and Georgia.

As far as the film is concerned, the director has said that the film will be rooted in an Indian setting and that they will shoot the first chunk of the film in India. Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Delhi are top priorities.

“We need mountainous terrain for those portions,” mentioned Zafar.

Of course, the director also stated that scouting locations for his Katrina Kaif starrer is a task in this COVID-19 world. Since every location requires a COVID-19 test, the process has become more time-consuming and has also become heavier on the budget.

In the public consciousness, Katrina Kaif is known for her stunning physique and good looks and not necessarily for her acting skills.

Nevertheless, the fact that she has survived in the industry for as long as she has is proof of her professionalism and audience pulling power.

”I am extremely excited about playing characters that give me a chance to explore something new. I acted in Bharat and it was one of the most incredible experiences, which was so enriching, so fulfilling, and it just inspired me at various levels. That showed to me and I got that feedback from the audience. It gives me the encouragement and I strongly believe, if you follow what your instincts, it will lead you to the right place. That doesn’t mean every film you’re out there to shatter new ground but you know that that’s where my heart lies now,” Kaif had shared in an interview with us.